Intent Statements

Year 7 

To enable students to transition from primary school and prepare them for secondary school. We will provide students with a range of new and exciting opportunities to support both their learning and personal development. Students will develop the skills to become confident learners and as well as the confidence and pride to be part of our community at Neale-Wade Academy.

Year 8 

To provide opportunities to ensure all students achieve success ensuring everyone can thrive and build  their confidence. We recognise the importance being part of the Neale-Wade Academy Community. We understand that everyone is different and we value and celebrate diversity. We value being treated with kindness, respect, listened to and to have a voice.

Year 9 

To give students the opportunities to recognise their own successes and make choices about the curriculum they want to study. Maturing as young people, students further develop confidence in themselves and start to articulate their strengths and what they want their futures to look like.

Year 10 

To support students at the start of their GCSE journey, to encourage them to aim high and take pride in all their achievements.  To enable them to grow and become the best version of themselves by taking all opportunities offered to them and by celebrating all their successes.

Year 11 

To prepare students for success in their GCSEs and to ensure they are able to make informed choices for next steps whether that is Neale-Wade 6th Form, local colleges or apprenticeships whilst giving them opportunities to develop their confidence and personal characteristics. They will leave, proud of being a Neale-Wade student.