Principal  Mr G Horn  
Head of School Mr J Rowland jrowland@neale-wade.org
Vice Principal Mr N Morley nmorley@neale-wade.org
Director of Operations Mrs E Graham  egraham@neale-wade.org
Director of Curriculum & Careers Mrs S Mandley smandley@neale-wade.org
Assistant Principal (Post 16) Dr C Spibey cspibey@neale-wade.org
Assistant Principal  Ms C Howlett chowlett@neale-wade.org
Assistant Principal Mr J Crawley jcrawley@neale-wade.org
Assistant Principal Mrs M Henman mhenman@neale-wade.org
Associate Assistant Principal Mrs K Gallagher kgallagher@neale-wade.org
Senior Leader for Safeguarding and Mental Health Mr N Morley nmorley@neale-wade.org
Attendance Officer  Mr M Loveday mloveday@neale-wade.org
E-Safety Lead Mr S Bradbury sbradbury@neale-wade.org
Designated Teacher for Looked After Children Mr J Crawley jcrawley@neale-wade.org
SENDCO Ms K Wilshire kwilshire@neale-wade.org
Head of Year 7 Mr T Woollard twoollard@neale-wade.org
Head of Year 8 Mr E Cussons ecussons@neale-wade.org
Head of Year 9 Miss S Barlow sbarlow@neale-wade.org
Head of Year 10  Mrs E Cleaver ecleaver@neale-wade.org
Head of Year 11 Mrs E Harte eharte@neale-wade.org
Post 16 Progress Leader Mrs C Gribble cgribble1@neale-wade.org
Assistant Head of Year Mr S MacNeil studentservices@neale-wade.org
Assistant Head of Year  Mrs S Stevenson studentservices@neale-wade.org
Assistant Head of Year Mrs G Smy studentservices@neale-wade.org
Assistant Head of Year Mr B Griffiths studentservices@neale-wade.org
Assistant Head of Year Mrs G Mitchell studentservices@neale-wade.org
Pastoral Assistant Mrs T Reed studentservices@neale-wade.org
Post 16 Pastoral Assistant Mrs S Ayres sayres@neale-wade.org
Director of Business Studies and IT Mr S Bradbury sbradbury@neale-wade.org
Head of PE Miss S Bathurst sbathurst1@neale-wade.org
Head of Humanities Mr P Fowler pfowler@neale-wade.org
Head of English Mr S Thomas sthomas@neale-wade.org
Head of DT & Catering Dr D Winn dwinn@neale-wade.org
Head of Maths Miss K Bridge kbridge@neale-wade.org
Head of Creative Arts Mrs S Starr sstarr@neale-wade.org
Head of Languages Miss E Davall edavall@neale-wade.org
Head of Health & Social Care / Psychology Mrs A Foreman aforeman@neale-wade.org
Head of Science Miss L Delahaye ldelahaye@neale-wade.org