Our vision for Neale-Wade and our community is one of opportunity, success, confidence and pride. We promise to be tenacious and never give up on any individual. 

  • Experience tells us that we are happiest when we are at our most confident.  It is confidence in ourselves and others, that enables us to be proud of who we are and our community.
  • Being able to progress with our learning and approach the future with optimism is crucial, not only for our own wellbeing, but also ensuring we are successful in our ventures.
  • Confidence is learned.  It is only through opportunity are we able to discover new talents, develop our interests or progress our learning. Providing a range of opportunities in and out of the classroom is fundamental to our curriculum at Neale-Wade.
  • Recognising our successes is how we embed and reinforce these attributes. It is only through the support and recognition from others, that we can have the courage and motivation to continue our development.

In order for our students to achieve this we believe that the wellbeing of everyone in our school underpins all that we do. Young people can’t access the curriculum, as we would want, when some aspect of their wellbeing is not right. This is more than just having life skills lessons, assemblies and tutor time. Our curriculum for wellbeing pervades everything so that students feel able to raise concerns, ask for help, debate and discuss, feel empowered to say no and where to go for help for themselves or others.

Our school is rapidly developing a safe environment where

  • students have the confidence to take risks within lessons
  • well trained adults are available to offer help and support
  • safeguarding is a culture and not a computer system
  • students know where to get help and help others
  • all students embrace the wider curriculum offer

Our pastoral teams are able to offer more personalised support and spot concerns quickly.  We know that good pastoral care relies on relationships oiled by clear and consistent communication but also that pastoral care can mean different things in different contexts and there is no one agreed definition. It might involve counselling, sustaining, open door guidance, guiding, reconciling, peer support, mentoring and nurturing of pupils mixed with promoting and supporting self-efficacy, healthy risk-taking, goal setting, negotiation, reflection, empowerment and a welfare network. It might be all these and more. We offer care that is responsive at the point of need because all students have an entitlement to a school experience that give them opportunity, success, confidence and pride.