Combined Cadet Force  

The Combined Cadet Force aims to promote personal qualities such as responsibility, resourcefulness and self-reliance via the teaching of leadership, military skills and adventurous training.  CCF units in schools give young people the life skills and self-confidence to take charge of their lives so they can reach their full potential at school and beyond, including in employment. It also aims to engender a sense of public service. 

Each CCF is formed of sections from one or more of the Royal Navy/Royal Marines, Army or the Royal Air Force. 

Neale-Wade Academy, along with Cromwell Community College has formed an RAF Section. Starting September 2022 with over 30 Year 9 cadets participate in CCF Training on a Wednesday afternoon.   

In the course of this academic year, CCF training will provide the following courses: 

Radio Communications 

Aircraft of the RAF 

Leadership Training 



There will also be opportunities to fly and go on a camp as well as other activities.. 

The Contingent is directed and managed by a dedicated team consisting of teaching staff who have been commissioned into the forces with officer status and trained specifically to serve the cadet force. In addition to our own CCF officers we are routinely visited by regular RAF personnel. 


CCF Staff 

  • Contingent Commander – Plt Off Mark Twigge 
  • Senior Staff Instructor – Plt Off Jamie Russell 
  • Other Staff 
  • Plt Off Helen Parks